Free up time. focus on your craft.

Leave the online outreach to me.

Need the perfect website for your small business?

What about a greater social media presence to connect to more customers?

Or maybe a bomb branding and marketing strategy?

Your wish is my command. Let’s talk.


At your service

It’s like having a personal Facebook assistant, but with a little less cat videos. (Maybe.)

Spend less time juggling your social media posts or fumbling with a website and focus more on your unique business talents.


Happiness Loop

Pay it forward, y’all

Did you know that there’s increasing evidence that shows that our own happiness increases when we focus on the happiness of others?

In order to keep this happiness loop going, Jade Rose Design donates a portion of its sales to help educate the next generation of female tech professionals.

For every dollar you spend on our services, we give a portion to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching young women tech skills while helping to give them the confidence they need to enter a rapidly growing work force.

Now That’s some feel-good design service.

Who wouldn’t want to get in on that?

 Photos courtesy of   Girls Who Code

Photos courtesy of Girls Who Code